About Full Mattresses

A full sized mattress is the second smallest regular mattress there is – the first step up from a twin mattress. A full size mattress is generally fit for a single person, especially if they’re a messy sleeper. However, there’s enough room for a second sleeper as well – just don’t expect to get a ton of extra space. These were the norm for married couples a few decades ago when houses were smaller, and are commonly said to be “double the width” of a twin mattress, even though that’s totally inaccurate. But this is why full mattresses are also known as “double mattresses” and “standard mattresses.”

(While a full mattress isn’t double a twin bed, it is double a crib mattress. So that’s why it’s not too great for couples – each partner only gets the space usually given to a baby.)

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

In inches, a full mattress is 54″ x 75″ – a surface area of 4,050 square inches.
In feet, a full mattress is 4.5′ x 6.25′ – a surface area of about 28.1 square feet.

More About Full Sized Mattresses

Nowadays, modern adult couples buy queen or king mattresses, or things even bigger just because their house is that huge and, hey, why not, right? Thus, there’s been some decline in the last half-century in the full mattress’s popularity.

While this “double mattress” is not actually double the size of a twin mattress, it IS about double the width of a crib mattress. So, if you were previously sleeping in a crib, it’s safe to say a full mattress will be quite the upgrade for you! 


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