About Twin Mattresses

A twin mattress is the smallest size of regular mattress you’re going to find. Usually fit for a single person, they’re also known as “single mattresses“. While naturally toddler mattresses, crib mattresses, and even some futon mattresses may compete for overall title of smallest, a twin sized mattress is as low as you’ll probably want to go.

Twin Mattress Dimensions

In inches, a twin mattress is 39″ x 75″ – a surface area of 2,925 square inches.
In feet, a twin mattress is 3.25 ft x 6.25 ft – a surface area of 20.3 square feet.

Mattress Thickness

Like most standard mattresses, a twin mattress is between 8-13 inches in width, or about 20-33 cm thick.

More About Twin Mattresses

Twin mattresses can be combined side-by-side to have about the same measurements as a king sized mattress, although the length will still be a bit short – but these twin mattress sets are very popular, especially for guest rooms, since they can be separated and combined at will and give a family a lot of flexibility. That’s the kind of flexibility that saves you money! It can be the deciding factor between buying a king or a queen mattress, or two twin mattresses.

(While twin mattresses can also be combined head-to-foot, this isn’t going to help you very much unless you need to sleep in your stilts.)

While a full mattress is the next step up in the usual chain of bedding, don’t forget about the twin xl mattress – just like a twin, but longer! If you’re not concerned about sprawl space, but need some extra “tall” space, check those out instead.

Since a lot of twin mattresses are used for children, you’ll be able to find a lot of creative options for headboards, duvet covers, sheets and blankets, and other accessories. Everything from cars and dolls to the newest Disney stars and plenty more. Great for an imaginative child, or an adult who is very happy with being single.

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